How can u not fall in love with the cuisine @tarandrosesla With the fabulous Johnnie Jenkins at the front of the house n the indisputable chef Andrew in the kitchen. Makes up for a one-two punch of love! Fusion the way it should be!  Santa Monica     ​
 ​Appetizers Galor!  My favorite was the cooked ham with Pistachio...Can you spot which square it's in?  ​
 ​Yong Tau Foo! A healthy broth with stuffed bean curds, ladies fingers, bittergourds,crab sticks, cuttlefish n fish balls! Tasty...  Singapore
 The fabulous fruit choice in Southeast Asia.Got some Dragon fruit, Mangoes, Custard Apples..Can u tell what the spikey thing Im holding is?  Streets of Malaysia        ​
 Sharing the best wonton noodles at Da Jie with my little niece Lauren... So good!  Da Jie, Singapore
 ​1st breakfast back in Singapore. Black Carrot Cake, Chee cheong fun, Chwee Kuay, Siew Mai n Char Siew Bao! Mmm..Shiok!!!  Hawker Center, Singapore
 One of Singapore's most famous dishes- Chili Crab!!! Best with deep fried Mantou buns! Shiok Lah!  Singapore
 Time to get a nice big and fresh cup of O+ and get your heart pumpin' for a fun-filled night out!  Los Angeles  ​
 Singaporean Chinese New Year dinner LA style! Gong Xi Fa Cai from So-Cal!!!  Los Angeles  ​
 A sexy plate of Halibut Sashimi!​  Hamakaze Sushi, West LA
 Big Bloody Mary! Adding some bacon, celery, beef jerky, tomatoes n hmm..  Brick + Mortar, Santa Monica
   Aunt Alice's homemade toffee! Fresh from the oven!         San Diego
 ​Sweetening my tongue with pistachio parfait with honey saffron ice cream, burnt lemon meringue n peanut butter blueberry sorbet! Lovely!  Pollen at Garden by the Bay, Singapore
 Cuban style bbq corn with goat cheese, mayo & a splash of lime. Super tasty on a summer night!  ​Canal Club, Venice Beach
 ​Dining Korean style tonight!   On the grill we have big & small intestines, tripe, beef strips n LA Calbi! Hmmm.. Mat shitt da!
 ​Sharing a refreshing shrimp cocktail with the Mayor of Venice Beach!  Nikki's, Venice Beach
 Homestyle Craft service!  Los Angeles  ​
 ​Docked on an island, made some fire, now grilling some meat!  Sweden
 ​Ooh...A forest diamond!  Skelleftea, Sweden
 ​Indonesian Warung! Chicken rendang, asam pedas (spicy fish), tapioca leaves & paru (fried cow's lung)!Hmmm.. Sedap!  Singapore
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