Southbeach Kauai
 ​Singapore's icon, The Merlion! This mythical creature has been the nation's mascot thru all it's successes which shows us, a little magic goes a long way!  Singapore
 ​Take a leap of faith in pursuing one of ur dreams, no matter how unobtainable n untracked it may seem!  Joshua Tree
 ​They say,"If u cage the beast, the beast grows angry!" Never hold anyone back from their true nature n above all, u from your own!  Melrose, Los Angeles
 ​Take flight in the new month of November!  Venice Beach
 Let the kid in you play, no matter what age you find yourself today!  Disneyland
 ​"Knowing that Love is to share.." - The Beatles #Family #time #love  Sentosa
  Sometimes words don't give justice to the beauty of nature...  Joshua Tree
 ​An American sandwich!!!  Los Angeles
 ​If u go down in the woods 2day be sure of a great surprise..If u go down in the woods 2day, u better go in disguise!  In the forests of Sweden
 ​Don't let the winter wrath affect your path!  Los Angeles
 ​Wherever music finds you, jump up and jump in!!!  Los Angeles
 ​When a gorgeous rainbow shows up after a storm, don't just stand there and stare at it... Grab it!!!  Desert Hot Springs
 If you conserve your resources physically & mentally, not only will you help prolong our planet but you'll also keep yourself out of the mental ward!!!  Palm Springs Valley
 Fly like an eagle...into your future!  Los Angeles
 Change is in the air...Smile and move with it!  Marina Del Rey
 Me *& My Mr Pollie!   Venice Beach
 Do something to end the last day of the year with a SPLASH!!  Sea World
 Be strong, all day long!  Venice Beach
 The San Diego Zoo! Not just a zoo but also a breeding facility for endangered species and a safari for wild animals! Let's go check out the cheetahs!  San Diego   
 Keep your eye on the prize and you might just find yourself bouncing up and getting it!!!  La Jolla, San Diego
 ​Happy Thanksgiving from Sleeping Beauty's Castle!  Disneyland
 ​Comedy reads are one of the most challenging but definitely most fun!!!  Fox Lot Studios, Los Angeles
 ​Sometimes in life they say that great things r defined by that thin gold lining. Not sure if Banksy would want me to apply this theory to his work!  By a wall in Los Angeles graced with the art of the infamous Banksy ​
 ​A splash of color from you, can turn your grey skies blue!!!  Singapore
 Happy Valentine's! Today, try to make up with and understand someone you love. These guys did, and one of them is a villain!!!  Fox Studios Lot, Los Angeles
 ​A foolish believer is just the same as believing in a fool! A toast to all the fools this April Fool's Day!  Venice Beach
 ​Thought this mural was appropriate for today's celebration! And remember, on the 22nd is Earth Day...if we all could do 1 thing good for the environment this week, it would make a major impact. "One Love"!  Los Angeles
 ​We shouldn't always feel that walking in somebody else's shoes is a larger than life expectation. Sometimes u just need to put the size in frame.  A wall in Los Angeles graced with the art of Mr Brainwash
 ​Before someone can rock your world you gotta first rock your own!  Joshua Tree
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